Catfish Algen Wafers (Discusfood), 50 gr (110 ml)

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Catfish Algen are extruded sinking wafers rich in algae, vegetables, protein and vitamines. Content: 50 gr (110 ml)

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This fishfood is dedicated for bottom dwelling fish, mainly for catfish and Corydoras. With an attractive smell, it generates interest from the first time and bottom fish take it eagerly. Appropriate balance protein and other nutritional components ensures that this food -at the appropriate dosage- does not contribute to visceral adiposity. The high content of vitamin supplements and micronutrients makes Algen Wafers Catfish great for improving overall health status and immunity of fish. This food along with the Wels Spezial Softgranulat is a great base for bottomfish.

Catfish Algen is in the form of extruded wafers, does not require prior soaking pellets and do not increase in volume when exposed to water.


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